Sara Maria Greene


About the Author

Sara Maria Greene is a fiction writer living outside of Philadelphia with her husband, young daughter, and an emotionally unavailable cat.

She is actively seeking agent representation. Please send any requests for more information to .

She has been published internationally in four different countries and has placed in several literary contests—most recently as a semifinalist for the Pamet River prize for her entire collection of work. In November of 2023, she was nominated for a Pushcart Prize by the publisher Sans. Press.

She is seeking representation and publication for This Will Be Yours When I Die, a collection of short stories featuring women exploring the depths of the female experience with a mix of dark humor, fairy tales, and pleasant absurdity. Fans of Raphael Bob Waksberg, Jenny Slate, and Jenny Offhill will appreciate the whiffs of magical realism and bittersweet nostalgia in the work. Fans of Shirley Jackson, Sarah Shun-lien Bynum, and Rachel Yoder will appreciate the sharper edges that cut to the meat of what it means to be human. The complete manuscript is available upon request.

Sara has a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Creative Writing from King’s College.

When her piece, “The Mother Witch,” won a Room Magazine prize for short fiction, judge Shashi Bhat praised it, saying:

“The Mother Witch” reads like pure magic. It’s a story that persistently teeters on the edge of metaphor and is full of gorgeous writing—rhythmic, precise, strange, and evocative. Through its distinctive lens, it illuminates the fear, exhaustion, and responsibility of motherhood, turning the familiar unfamiliar in a way that feels wholly original.” – Shashi Bhat, author of The Most Precious Substance on Earth

See here for a list of awards and publications.